I have gestated for far took long. Over cooked and under seasoned, I have sat gathering dust and information for an undefined goal. Thankfully, the chrysalis is cracking. A ray of light falls upon me, growing brighter as we speak. I am warmed and nurtured by it. It is the same light that nurtures many of you and it is pleasing.

My words are so important to me and I realize how careless I have been holding them at bay when not lashing them carelessly about. To wrangle ones own tongue is a humbling task. My heart call me to do it. My soul urges me to step out of the cocoon. And I feel ready, so very ready. But there are changes yet to be made. Changes within me. I’ve been told change is good. Do I know that to be true?

We all have our issues. We all must at the very least take effort to ignore our failings and proceed with false ignorance. But to turn and confront that which you despise most about yourself, to look it in the eye and say I’m sorry, then to send it packing… this is when we find our way. Everything is a habit and I will endeavor to make a new one.

I used to be a role model. I used to be someone whom others looked up to. It was not my intent. I knew what was right and I did so for the simple fact. What happened to that boy? Is he somewhere within this misguided man?

… yes, that is a silly question. It’s time to introduce them to each other. The boy had it together. The man could learn from him.


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